In accordance with biblical truth, we provide whole person education for children to attain comprehensive, quality development in the domains of moral, intellectual, physical, social skills, aesthetics and spiritual education. We care about the connection between school and parents.  Building up a healthy and good parent-kid relationship is our first priority. Children can build up a good character by knowing God. We hope children can grow up with faith, hope and love, they can care about the society and be a good person.

Curriculum Planning

Using the Kindergarten Education Curriculum Guide of the Education Bureau as our base, our curriculum aims to enhance children’s learning interest and creativity. It requires children to explore continuously and practice in the learning process, as learning from practicing is more interesting for children. The six learning areas, including Physical Fitness and Health, Language, Early Childhood Mathematics, Nature and Living, Self and Society and Arts and Creativity, which are integrated into the creative activities to inspire children to learn and to lay a good foundation for future learning.

Learning/Teaching Approach and Activities

Our child-center teaching framework integrates interesting and meaningful learning. Through observation, inquiry, practice, discussion, experiential learning and other type of activity-oriented environment settings, children can get more involved and learn better.

Communication with Parents

Parent-child Activities:reading programs, workshops, class observation, parents’ day, Parent-child Picnic,Mid-Autumn Festival Evening Activity, Christmas party,  Chinese New Year Market, Mother’s Day Activity .

Assessment of Children’s Learning Experiences

Adopt on-going observatory assessment, anecdotal logging to observe, assess and record children’s developmental situation.

Support to Students

Incremental class sessions for new students. New school year open day for parents to accompany their children to school and get them familiarize with the environment. We carry out moral education as we give attention to fostering children to build good character. We encourage children to participate in community activities e.g : P.1 school life simulation, parent-child activities, themed visits and talent show. We promote children’s reading interest and habit and book lending programs.