1.Early childhood education is an important stage for children to lay the foundation for lifelong learning and whole-person development, and it is the starting point for children on learning. Early childhood education has a close connection with primary school, secondary school and university. It completes the whole educational life.

2.Our curriculum design is based on high-quality curriculum. We adopt the “child-centredness” as our core value to enhance children’s creative development. We also respect for individual differences, paying attention on children’s active learning. We hope that children can earn more experience from learning. The features of our curriculum is let children learn independently and with a relaxed and happy mood.

3. In 2021-2022 and 2022-2023, our school participate in the School-based Support Scheme of the Education Bureau to strengthen the teaching skills and professional knowledge of our teachers. Teachers use picture books, environment-created teaching and multicultural activities to enhance the motivation of NCS children to learn Chinese.

In addition, in order to support non-Chinese speaking children to learn Chinese at home, our school has compiled learning resources such as children’s songs, game paper, etc., through QR codes for parents and children to review the children’s songs and vocabulary they have learned at home, so as to enhance non-Chinese speaking students and parents’ understanding of learning Chinese abilities and interests.